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“A sometimes political, sometimes humorous musician who is always entertaining…” -Mountain Moving Coffeehouse



“Deb Adler is a gifted performer, and her music is a relaxing mixture of folk, blues, and country music. She sings and speaks of her struggles and celebrations, particularly her recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. She prefers to perform in an atmosphere that is relaxed, informal, and chemical-free – no alcohol will be served at the concert.

-The Gay Paper, May 1981


“Witty and listenable, (D.J. Adler - Here & Now) is a 12-song tape of high quality acoutstic women’s music. -OP Magazine (Independent Music Reviews) July-August 1982






“Deb ‘D.J.’ Adler is an accomplished singer-songwriter and professional actress. Her formal background in music includes training in solo and choral voice, clarinet, classical and popular guitar, and theory. She attended Wayne State University in Detroit as an undergraduate theater major. A graduate of the MFA pre-professional actor training program at Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University, DJ is well known to theater audiences in both Cleveland and Detroit.


“D.J. Adler’s commitment to the women's cultural movement and the women’s music industry has taken her through Ohio and the Midwest performing contemporary feminist music to a wide variety of audiences. She has appeared in support of women and labor, Cleveland’s Take Back the Night, lesbian and gay rights, chemically dependent women, and International Year of Disabled Persons. Recently, she appeared as the opening act for veteran feminist performer Holly Near, at Kent State University.”

What She Wants Benefit Concert Playbill, March 27, 1982



“…politically-correct dyke music for those woman-identified-women and lesbians in the crowd…With her strong clear voice she sings folk songs, ballads, and blues, even a cappella songs, all her own compositions.


"She sings of the ‘politically correct’ rules involved in being a bar dyke, several haunting songs of the allures and disappointments we find in alcohol, the moving on involved in a once meaningful relationship and an ode to a battered woman-mother. She has a very interesting take off on Dylan’s ‘Times They Are A-Changing.’ And another of her soul-stirring songs is an a cappella one about women’s (unsung) strength in ‘Womansong Rise Up!’


“D.J. Adler is a woman musician worth watching and collecting.”

-Women Library Workers Journal, Dec 1982




“D.J. Adler is one of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of lesser known woman musicians. She has produced a tape of her own music (D. J. Adler - Here and Now) and is trying single-handedly to gain a national reputation. (She recently shared:)

  • “I believe that every time a woman raises her voice to share her own special song, women’s music grows. Women’s music is here to stay. It’s growing, diversifying. That’s both exciting and scary… I believe in order for it to survive, we must be willing to hold it, like the butterfly, with an open hand – to allow it to sail in whatever direction it chooses.”

-Excerpt from “Her Own Special Song: Women’s Music Grows” by Susan A. Graetz

Ithaca Times, Nov 18, 1982




“From her beginnings as a regularly featured performer at Labrys, Cleveland’s women-only coffeehouse, Deb Adler has steadily gained recognition from audiences statewide and beyond. Recently appearing at the 4th Michigan Women’s Music Festival (open mic), she has donated her talents in support of lesbian-gay rights, women and labor, and Cleveland’s Take Back the Night March, and is a member of Oven Productions, producers of women’s music in Cleveland.


“Deb’s vocal and guitar styles blend folk, blues, and country traditions, with several numbers performed a cappella. Her performance combines powerful original music of women’s lives and herstory with a relaxed and easy-going manner of sharing herself in conversation with her audience, providing a rich tapestry of personal experiences and herstory reflective of the many aspects of women’s lives.

‘Because we as women share a common bond of cultural and political oppression that transcends out personal differences, ‘ explains Deb, ‘I strive to present songs reflecting the diversity of women’s lives and experiences’”

Women’s Center Newsletter, New Albany NY, Nov. 1979


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