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"Songbyrd" is Deb Adler's first release since her 1982 recording "D.J. Adler Here & Now."  
This release of previous studio and on location recordings features:
Eagle Song - celebrating rising above perceived limitations.
Falling In Love Is Easier - a humorous look at the pitfalls of unrequited love.
As The River Drifts - written in her teens, Deb reflects the hunger for peace that was an intergal part of the 1960's Viet Nam Era.
Lady Drifter - a revealing autobiographical sketch of life before sobriety.
MSU Elevator Apartment Blues Rag - sharing a whimsical look at her first college apartment.
Kelly's Song - a poignant good-bye to a special friend.
Time - writtten for the Take Back The Night movement in the 1970's, this song offers a haunting portrait of women's lives. 
For The First Time In My Life - Deb's first song written in sobriety.
One Heart Song - Honoring the One Heart Song Project, a global prayer network for peace and healing. see www.yunsaisociety.com, "Thursday Night Heart Song"

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Soon To Be Released.....
"D.J. Adler Here & Now" a re-release in CD format of her 1982 recording featuring 12 original songs.
"Homegrown" tracing Deb Adler's development as a performer and songwriter from 1965 through the 1990's in studio sessions and intimate settings.
"Livin' Your Dreams"... a studio production showcasing recent compositions including the title song, "Got To Be" "Because You Believe" and more...

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