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About the National Women's Music Festival

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"The Little Festival That Could"

From Joyce Warner-Stone, Veteran Festival Producer:

Against all odds is a term I have become accustomed to during the past four years. I have been on both ends of this vast spectrum, and now Im thinking of renaming NWMF to TLFTC: The Little Festival That Could.

  • NWMF continued in 2000 despite incurring a $90,000 deficit brought on by low attendance in 1999.
  • NWMF continued in 2001 despite some predictions and outright proclamations that it would be NWMFs final year!
  • NWMF continued in 2002 after what is now herstorically referred to as the miracle on Mainstage in 2001, when Women-in-Arts members, festi-goers, NWMF staff, and performers surged together as one powerful force to raise $30,000 in less than two hours.
  • NWMF continued in 2003 even after a breakdown with negotiations with its former home campus a mere three months before the festival was to begin.

With the hands, legs, minds, hearts, and souls of many powerful women, our cherished festival has survived yet one more year. Against all odds, Her momentum is gaining! As She heads toward Her 30th Birthday (a feat to which no other can lay claim) join us as we continue to hold strong and boldly move forward against all odds! 

I believe our move to Ohio this year is simply our destiny. The enthusiastic embracing of NWMF by the women of Ohio has been a powerful experience. The steadfast loyalty of the many women who are following us to Ohio humbles me beyond words.                                    

To know that so many fine women care so much about WIA and NWMF buoys us beyond measure. You remind us why we must continue to exist as a voice for womens music and culture.


In last year's welcome letter, Rae Baskin, President, wrote: "This has been a year of movement and many changes. Although we still have two years worth of debt to retire, I am excited and optimistic about our future. So many possibilities are opening up for us. 

"I believe we're finally turning the corner from striving to thriving.  I am cautiously optimistic that our fundraising efforts might have us completely out of debt before our 30th anniversary next year."                               






Silverstream Music Inc. Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of  NWMF!

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