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We Are A Society of Addicts

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NOTE: The following is an excerpt from No Change No Gain by U’tana A’qua No gi’ Su.

2005-2007 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved.



We are a society of addicts. There are substances injected into our foods and water that have adverse effects on our health and mental capabilities.


In business, on the job, in social settings, even in our most intimate relationships, we experience self-directed sabotage repeatedly. This is also an addiction. [1]


We have to discern “what is the pay-off?” as Dr. Phil McGraw teaches us in his book, Life Strategies.[2]  Why do we repeatedly cover the same ground over and over again?  Much like the “hopeless drunk” or “addict” most of us at one time or another follow the same repetitive self-destructive patterns with or without the substance abuse.


We all have to reach a critical point of “enough is enough.”  Until that takes place, the repetitive destruction will continue. Lest we try to fool ourselves and others, merely saying we’ve had enough is not enough. Our words are cheap. We have come to habitually lie and deceive ourselves as well as others and that is the first addiction we must break.  Mere lip service will not suffice. 


Once we have determined that we truly desire to change, we must resolve to change. This requires a decision. A commitment.


Yet a decision, by itself, does not constitute change.  Know the riddle of the three crows? It goes like this: three crows were sitting on a fence and one decided to fly away. How many crows were left? 


The answer is three.  One crow only decided to fly away – but in order for that decision to effect change, the crow would have to actually fly away – in other words, take action.

[1] Please see appendix for valuable research this author has discovered that reveals a chemical origin for this behavior in the brain itself.


[2] Life Strategies: Doing What Works, Doing What Matters, by Phillip C. McGraw, Ph.D.; published by Hyperion,  January 19, 2000

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