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2004 Election Results

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Moving On, Staying Strong...
For some of us, the results of the 2004 election
represented a tremendous disappointment.
For some, betrayal.
This is not a time to retreat.
Prejudice and ignorance cannot be allowed to reign.
Now more than ever we need to stay strong and firm
in our resolution that this is a country for all Peoples,
and that all the People come under the protection of its laws.
We cannot afford to discriminate against any segment of the population,
be it for race, gender, culture, or sexual orientation.
If we believe and practice that it is safe to discriminate
against a particular segment of the population,
then NONE of us are safe.
This is a critical time in our development.
We need to stay focused in our fight for dignity and respect for all.
Raise your Voice. Take action. Care.

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