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Sun Ceremony Celebration

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2007 Sun Ceremony Celebration

This is a traditional celebration for all People, a 4 day Dance for World Peace and Healing for the Planet, that has been a profound spiritual experience for all who have taken part over the years, whether on site or from a distance.

We ask that all who care to take time during the days of July 26th through the 29th to join the energy of this prayer for Universal Harmony in whatever way you choose, and know that the few can and do make the difference!

Remember to give appreciation for the gifts in your life and the gifts that we share. Our bounty is far greater than what we may perceive as what we "lack." And our choice to focus on what we have within ourselves and with each other strengthens us and makes us a force to be reckoned with!

Our natural state is abundance. The Earth Mother demonstrates this to us continually. It is for us to learn to listen, respect, and move in harmony with her and all her components. Remember generosity. It begins with a smile. Peace.



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