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Deb Adler - Wisdom of the Elders

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"We sang songs that carried in their melodies all the sounds of nature - the running waters, the singing of winds, and the calls of the animals and birds. We know we are inner-connected with all life. We must learn about what we do not understand and respect what we learn. Teach your children this and then we may have a tomorrow....."
We are grateful for our Old Ones and Elders.
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Whatever you have made of your life depends on how

You value all your challenges and hard knocks. Strife

Develops character and we would be quite pale if we

Lived differently. Do you not see yourself in the

Children’s eyes and hear your own pain in their cries?

Do you not see your anger in their defiance? If not, you

Are not being real. We are all bewildered by life.

Champions are not born. They appear from the rubble

of destruction. Let our lives be as Champions and leave

a legacy for the upcoming generation.


Pa’Ris’Ha – Cherokee Elder

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